Local Ambulance Services

In an emergency, go to your nearest hospital.  If necessary, request assistance from the local ambulance service.

Emergency service telephone numbers for any country (police, fire, ambulance) can be found on the https://www.smartraveller.gov.au/ website. Just search for the country you’re in, then look for the “Local Emergency Contacts” section.

Emergency Assistance

If your Safe Meridian Policy* provides Emergency Assistance benefits supported by Europ Assist, you can contact them on the numbers below. Remember Europ Assist does not replace local ambulance services.

Call Europ Assist using the numbers below. You can also email them, but keep in mind a phone call may result in a faster response.

  • Tel: +65 6322 2133

* Safe Meridian administers policies for various Insurers in different countries.  Check your Member Handbook for details of any emergency assistance benefit.